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Marius | Avalon
Marius | Avalon@DanuGames
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The top players reached out us for sponsoring and to get hired to play for us in future tournaments. You guys are starting an e-sport community of people who want to make money by playing for different teams, this is really cool! This tournament brought valid people that are real players and many of them joined our game becoming part of the community. ​
Piga |
Piga |
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The pixel journey has only barely just begun, so it totally makes sense too .. but our Twitter is nearly at 3k followers now, so we grew like 200-300, or nearly 10% there over this event too .. also a great success.
MrLT15 | NKF | M.E.C.H. WARS
MrLT15 | NKF | M.E.C.H. WARS@mrlt15
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I just wanted to thank you all for the opportunity to introduce one of the best community in the apace to the rest of the world. I am very grateful of the opportunity to be part of the X-MAS Game Fest! I am very proud of the NiftyKicks Factory Community coming together and placing 5th in the competition. I hope to continue to grow the partnership we've starter. I look forward to the future of Intraverse and what you continue to achieve by bringing communities together. Keep up the great work. We love you over at NiftyKicks Factory and you have made a partner for life!❤️


By leveraging social quests, we create a multi-platform experience allowing users to discover new games and ecosystems.

User Acquisition

Our multi-platform identity will facilitate your customer acquisition process by bringing you hundreds of new users.

Social Booster

Having monthly events will allow you to have peak of engagement which will boost your growth on social.

Cross Chain

We already offer an integration with four different chains and we aim to add new ones in the future.

Operability and Playability

We develop interactive 3D avatars starting from NFTs allowing you to play with your digital assets.

We will be the extension of your marketing team​

We will be the

extension of your marketing team