We will distribute the initial coins to the first players who will play the game, so we have invented this terminology Initial Game Offering!  

We have started the development of the game, and we are doing our best to be live as soon as possible.

There is no limitation in number tokens each player can earn during the IGOs. The players who are more active will have possiblity to play earlier and for sure earn more. 

The “play-to-earn” is an emerging trend in gaming, where the players are rewarded for their efforts in-game currency or rewards in the form of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) within a game with a real value that can be converted into cash.

 While in free-to-play games such as Fortnite and Roblox, players need to spend money to obtain the game currency (fake-currency) and buy the accessories which don’t have any real value, in a play-to-earn game such as Intraverse, the game currency is a cryptocurrency with a real value so as the game gets more popular and successful it increases in value and the whole community benefits.

 Also, all the Game objects (accessories, skins) are NFT so they can be resold and holds value. The value, however, is based on demand.

Initially, we will launch on PC a web game. Stay tuned for announcements about other platforms.

The earned token by IGO will be blocked until the game will be ready. As soon as the game is ready, the token will be released gradually in 6 months as the player starts to play. 

AVX tokens are linked to your account and stored on the private ERC20 blockchain. After launch, we will connect to our public ERC20 chain to allow players to use their wallets and private keys to access the tokens.